Last week marked Unata’s biannual partner summit: a two day event where all Unata retail partners gather to collaborate and build the Unata product roadmap for the next six months.

The summit is a unique opportunity for Unata and its partners to explore and discuss each retailer’s strategic needs and then decide on the most useful and valuable platform features to build in order to meet those needs. The Summit puts our partners in the development driver seat, encouraging them to discuss, explore and eventually vote on the platform features they want to see built into the platform next.

We value the input and feedback from our partners, understanding that they are the ones on the frontlines every day and therefore know better than anyone what they need their digital customer experience to offer.

“The approach that Unata takes with its partners is really unique in the industry. At the Unata Partner Summit, we have a chance to collaborate, talk about the future and think about innovation investments together, looking at ideas through the lens of our guests and from the needs and wants that each individual retailer has,” said Michael Moore, CMO of Lowes Foods. “Instead of having to respond only to what Unata believes is the right way to go, we’re collaborating and creating the future together and I think that’s really special.”

We’re committed to building a best-in-class shopper experience that keeps our partners at the forefront of the grocery industry. The Unata Partner Summit is the most effective way to learn exactly what our partners need and allow them to shape the product they are investing in.

“While Unata has a digital roadmap we have committed to following already, we’re checking in with our partners on a daily basis about what features they hope to add to their digital offering,” said Brandon Carlos, Sr Director of Partner Success. “Our summit is the forum where we can discuss all of these wishes as a group, vote on the ones that the group feels will be most valuable to their respective customer experience, and ensure that what we build next is of utmost relevance to each and every one of our partners”.

Aside from roadmap planning, the Unata Partner Summit is a venue for retailer share groups. These share groups are a rare opportunity for a focused but informal discussion between retailers, taking a deep dive into the industry challenges and opportunities that are top of mind, and leveraging the collective knowledge and expertise of the group.

The Unata partner summit happens twice annually and all current retail and technology partners are invited to attend and participate. Last week’s summit attendees include executives from retailers like Lowes Foods, Lunds & Byerlys, Longo’s, Raley’s Family of Fine Stores and others.This is part of Unata’s unique offering as a best-in-class 1-to-1 digital solutions provider and a long-term digital partner for their retailers.

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