TORONTO (October 12, 2017)  – Unata, the award-winning provider of 1-to-1 digital solutions for grocers, is announcing a brand new integration with WordPress, the world’s leading content management system, allowing grocery retailers to build custom websites and integrate Unata’s best-in-class interactive feature sets, including eCommerce, eCatering, list building, digital coupons and loyalty. Grocers can now make any and every webpage transactional, interactive and personalized, while keeping full control of the branding and design, to deliver one simplified, seamless website to the shopper.

This new integration provides grocery retailers with a ‘best of breed’ approach to both content creation (WordPress) and eCommerce (Unata):

  • Retailers can fully manage, customize and optimize their entire website through WordPress, tailoring the look and feel of every webpage while uploading editorial content (static pages, blog posts, videos, recipes, surveys, etc) within minutes.
  • Retailers can make all of that content personalized and shoppable by adding Unata widgets and other interactive components to their custom WordPress pages, enabling interactivity across their entire website, such as the cart always being accessible across every page.
  • Retailers gain full control over the header and footer design, which is synchronized across all pages within Unata’s platform and the custom pages, providing a seamless and consistent experience across the entire website and mobile app.

“Content and commerce are traditionally siloed experiences in grocery, with a completely separate .com for online shopping.” said Dan Farmer, VP Retail Solutions at Unata. “Through this new integration, customers can now browse personalized content and add items to their list or cart within the same experience, enabling retailers to capture the moment a shopper feels inspired to purchase. It seems simple, but it’s never been done before in grocery and is key to a retailer’s digital business as it offers numerous additional transaction opportunities.”

“A retailer’s digital platform is an extension of their in-store experience”, says Chris Bryson, Unata Founder & CEO. “We’ve built an entirely customizable website solution that enables grocers to bring that unique experience to life, and convert a shopper’s inspiration into action.”

This new integration and website solution was recently showcased live in a webinar hosted by Unata Founder & CEO, Chris Bryson, and retail partner Kevin Baartman at Lunds & Byerlys.


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