TORONTO, ON  (Dec 7, 2017) — Unata, the leading provider of 1-to-1 digital solutions for grocers, is announcing an unprecedented growth in online sales of 44% year over year for both delivery and click and collect across five major regional US grocers using Unata’s eCommerce platform. The newly released figure is almost double the industry average of 26%, which was cited from a recent report from Brick Meets Click, putting Unata-powered grocery retailers at a unique competitive advantage.

Unata looked at online same-store sales across five of its retail partners, all of which have been live on Unata’s eCommerce platform for at least 12 months, looking at both click and collect and delivery. The results show click and collect is driving an average of 43% growth in online sales year over year, while delivery is driving even stronger results for Unata’s partners, with an average of 46% growth year over year. At the heart of this online success is a strong digital customer experience built with Unata’s award winning user experience and personalization engine. Together, they provide a simple, fast and highly personalized shop for every customer.

“We’re working with regional grocery retailers like Lowes Foods and Lunds & Byerlys who are dedicated to offering the best digital customer experience possible. As a result, our retail partners are experiencing an average same store growth rate that is almost double the industry average,” said Chris Bryson, Unata Founder and CEO.

“Since launching Unata’s platform in October 2016, we’ve been able to deliver a personalized and convenient digital experience that allows our customers to plan and shop exactly how they want”, says Geoff Farrington, Director of Ecommerce at Roche Bros. “The growth in online sales that we’ve seen is a testament to the quality of customer experience we’re able to deliver thanks to Unata’s platform. We’re looking forward to another year of success, innovation and continued sales growth.”

“There are a lot of intricacies unique to grocery retailing that make it difficult for retailers to build a customer experience that is personalized, convenient and seamless online and in-store,” said Dan Farmer, VP of Retail Solutions at Unata. “However, if the digital experience doesn’t meet customer expectations, there are many new online alternatives available that shoppers will switch to. We’re determined to ensure that doesn’t happen to our retail partners, and these numbers are proof that we’re succeeding.”


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