Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Automated 1-to-1 Personalization

Unata’s proprietary 1-to-1 personalization engine uses machine learning algorithms and data processing techniques, specifically designed for the grocery industry, to provide a personalized shopping experience for every single shopper.

Our 1-to-1 engine:

  • Combines in-store and online data to personalize every single shopper touchpoint in the digital grocery experience.
  • Continuously analyzes each shopper’s ongoing in-store and online purchase behavior to provide an increasingly relevant experience.
  • Supports thousands of SKUs, millions of users, store-specific assortments and high purchase frequency.
  • Is both automated and configurable, giving retailers as much control as they want over recommendations shown to shoppers.  

Flexible  Integration

Through Unata’s flexible Retailer API, our platform integrates seamlessly with all of your internal systems, as well as your preferred third-party technology providers, including but not limited to:

Reliable, Secure, Safe

24/7 support via JIRA, Sentry & PagerDuty

Integrations monitored via Sentry

Full process and security compliance

NewRelic Application Performance Management

SLA guarantees

Three-tier hosted cloud platform

Full security, backup & recovery

Proactive monitoring and scaling