A full suite of digital grocery solutions to power your entire customer experience


Unata’s eCommerce solution enables the most seamless curbside and
delivery experiences possible

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Intuitive Shopper Experience & Navigation

Award-winning UX design that minimizes “clicks”, enables faster navigation and increases user satisfaction.

1-to-1 Personalization

Through loyalty program integration, we leverage in-store purchase history to provide personalized products and recommendations throughout the catalogue. Shoppers can also add items or click to reorder from past in-store and online purchases.

Advanced Filtering

Your shoppers can get to the products they want faster with advanced product filter options, including “Organic”, “Gluten-Free” and “On-Sale”.

ROI-Proven & Industry Best

Unata’s eCommerce suite delivers superior financial results and has been benchmarked to be preferred by shoppers over leading global grocery experiences.

Support for Multi-Step Offers

Support all in-store deal types in your digital catalogue (digital coupons, mix & match, spend & get, etc) to increase shopper spend and engagement.

Retailer Management Dashboard

Manage, promote, track and optimize the entire eCommerce experience.

Fulfilment & Delivery

We partner with industry leading fulfilment and delivery solutions, bundled and white labeled to offer retailers an end-to-end eCommerce solution.

Key eCommerce Features

Integrated Coupons

We integrate digital coupons into your grocery eCommerce site so that shoppers can easily find, clip and redeem coupons while they are already shopping.

Configurable Products

A brand new, integrated way for your shoppers to order fresh and prepared foods, at the same time, and on the same website, as their regular grocery shop.

Weekly Ad & List Planning

A fully automated weekly ad that looks like a physical flyer, supports videos, complex offers and coupons, is 1-to-1 personalized and looks great on mobile.


A weekly ad designed mobile-first so that your shoppers can easily and intuitively plan their shop on-the-go.

1-to-1 Personalized

We integrate with your loyalty card data so that you can provide personalized emails and push notifications with relevant content like videos, recipes and product collections.

Integrated Coupons, Multi-Step Offers & Videos

We have industry leading interactive features that maximize shopper engagement and convenience, like coupons, multi-step offers (mix & match and spend & get), and videos

Path-to-Purchase Analytics

With loyalty card integration, you can link each shopper’s digital actions with their subsequent behavior in-store, tracking how your digital circular is influencing shopper behavior.

?Circular Planning Tool

Instantly edit your digital circular, plan future circulars and add rich content like imagery and videos to inspire your shoppers.

Full Automation

Based on available data feeds from the retailer, Unata can automatically generate a beautiful, modern, mobile-friendly weekly ad for retailers. Retailers don’t have to lift a finger! 

eCircular webpage

Digital Loyalty

Unata’s eLoyalty solution provides a new way to engage loyalty members, increase self-identification, and enable a true omni-channel experience.

Digital Card & Account

No more plastic cards! Shoppers can access the loyalty card through the branded mobile app, Apple Passbook, or Google Wallet, with access to all transactions, points, gas rewards, load-to-card offers, punch cards, digital rewards, discounts, and more.

Instant Digital Registration

Shoppers can sign up instantly via the website, mobile app, or at your POS and start earning right away.

1-on-1 Offers

Personalized offers are automatically created for each shopper based on their purchase history. Shoppers can “load” their personal offers, and redeem them instantly by showing their loyalty card at checkout.

Support for all Loyalty Program Types

Your shoppers can access all their benefits digitally, whether it’s points, gas rewards, load to card offers, punch cards, digital rewards, discounts, or any combination.

1-on-1 Offer Automation

Offer creation is 100% automated based on Unata’s personalization engine and configurable business rules.

Loyalty Analytics & Offer Management

Create ad-hoc targeted offers based on shopper purchase history, products viewed, visit frequency, inactivity, SKU-level purchases and more. Track loyalty program engagement, manage offers and rewards, and understand the success of your program.

A Full Website Solution

Create one single, seamless customer experience where every part of your website becomes shoppable and personalized.

Customize Your Content & Design

Create blog articles, recipes, events, and more. Integrate your editorial & marketing content with Unata’s interactive sections. Manage your homepage and the look & feel of your site.

Shoppable Widgets

Integrate product tiles and other interactive elements directly into your editorial pages, allowing you to better blend content and commerce.

Single Sign-On

Ensure that your shoppers have a single user account and login across your entire digital experience through Unata’s support for Single Sign On using SAML2.


All Unata modules, the full website and mobile app are hosted and supported by Unata.

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Powerful 1-to-1 Marketing & Merchandising Tools

Countless ways to connect with your shoppers on a 1-to-1 level across the path-to-purchase at just the right moment.

Unata dashboard webpage

Content & Offer Targeting

Create and target content (recipes, images, bundles) and 1-to-1 offers using a mix of demographics and SKU-level purchase patterns such as purchase history, products viewed, visit frequency, inactivity, store availability and more, to reach the right shopper with the right content at the right time.

Digital Merchandising Dashboard

Create and manage multiple sponsored placements across the digital experience, including your homepage carousel, hero images, banners, product collections, product tiles, “related” items suggestions and more.

Real Time 360° Analytics

Track all digital actions and conversion at shopper level, including SKU-level impressions, email opens, web views, add-to-lists and more. Monitor all levels of digital engagement, and the differences in spend for digital-influenced transactions.