Unata’s eCommerce solution enables the most seamless curbside and
delivery experiences possible

  • Enables the most seamless curbside and delivery experiences possible
  • Intuitive shopper experience, award-winning UX  & Navigation
  • Connected to all other modules and features
  • Spans mobile app, desktop, and mobile web
  • Pick-up in store, order for delivery or build a list
  • Many opportunities for monetization

Key eCommerce Features

Integrated Coupons

Digital coupons integrated with eCommerce so that shoppers can easily find, clip and redeem coupons while they are already shopping.

Catering / Order Ahead

Shoppers can order deli, bakery, catering, floral, and other made-to-order options at the same time as their regular grocery shop.

Flexible Fulfillment

Available picking, packing, and curbside pickup or delivery, with labor by your employees, Instacart Shoppers, or both.

Weekly Ad & List Planning

A fully automated weekly ad that looks like a physical flyer, supports videos, complex offers and coupons, is 1-to-1 personalized and looks great on mobile.

  • Mobile-Friendly for on-the-go planning and shopping
  • Per-store catalog & pricing
  • Flexible branding to enable you to emulate your print flyer look & feel
  • Integrated coupons, multi-step offers & videos
  • Digital circular planning tool to instantly edit and plan future circulars
  • Notifications for sales on previously purchased items

Digital Loyalty

Unata’s eLoyalty solution provides a new way to engage loyalty members, increase self-identification, and enable a true omni-channel experience.

  • A way to offer the same great rewards online as in-store
  • Digital card, rewards balance, and account history
  • Support for all loyalty program types, and multiple programs at once
  • 1-to-1 offers, coupons, rewards, and special pricing for loyalty members

A Full Website Solution

Create one single, seamless customer experience where every part of your website becomes shoppable and personalized.

  • Bring your brand to life online with full customization
  • Embed shoppable product tiles, collections, and ‘add-to-cart’ buttons into custom web pages
  • Inspire with images, videos, promotions, collections, recipes and more
  • Provide a jumping off point into the catalog
  • Connect your content and commerce pages with one unified header
Unata dashboard webpage

Marketing & Merchandising Tools

  • Flexible merchandising opportunities to influence purchase behavior and increase revenue online
  • Sponsored placements across the site that can be targeted to segments
  • Sponsored product recommendations for monetization or private label promotion
  • Target content and offers to custom segments based on store or purchase history
  • Track all digital actions and conversion at shopper level
  • Easy campaign management through Unata’s admin dashboard