A suite of Grocery Retail Solutions to achieve one-to-one omni-commerce

We believe the shopper of the future will be able to shop any which way they want, moving seamlessly between in-store and online. Unata's three main grocery retail solutions will help you achieve that shopping experience of the future.

one-to-one omni-commerce solutions


A complete solution for your grocery eCommerce needs

Unata’s platform powers a modern grocery eCommerce experience, allowing your shoppers to order for both for Delivery and Curbside Pick-Up. 

One-to-One Omni-Channel Experience

Our grocery eCommerce solution provides a seamless online shopping experience for your shoppers, whether at home or on-the-go.

Your shoppers can start their basket at work on their desktop, finish it on mobile during their commute home, review products after purchase on a tablet, and re-order with one click at anytime from any device.

One fluid journey – any combination of devices – at any time.

1-to-1 Homepage

Personalization at Every Stage

A personalized homepage for each shopper filled with the most relevant products and specials based on purchase history, most frequently purchased items, and targeted retailer content.

1-to-1 Product Catalogue

Personalization at Every Stage

Each section of the product catalogue is sorted by what is most relevant for each individual shopper based on their purchase habits, making it as easy as possible to find the right products.

1-to-1 Search

Personalization at Every Stage

Search results are tailored based on the shopper’s purchase history, prioritizing their most frequently purchased items along with personalized recommendations, looking completely different from one shopper to the next.

Product & Cart Upsell

Personalization at Every Stage

Our platform provides 1-to-1 product recommendations as shoppers build their order, suggesting related items based on the basket’s contents and what the shopper might be forgetting.

Support for Complex Offers & Integrated Coupons

Finally, you can reflect every one of your in-store offers in your online experience! 


Whether it’s a mix-and-match offer, or a “Spend above $50 and get 5% off”, your shoppers will have online access to all of your offers that incorporate multiple SKUs and steps.

Your shoppers will be able to easily track their progress towards redeeming an offer as they add more items to their shopping cart, with their estimated total accurately incorporating the discounts from these complex offers. This makes the shopping experience more fun and helps your shoppers better manage their basket total.

Coupons from 3rd party providers, like Inmar, can be incorporated directly into the grocery eCommerce experience, being showcased on associated product pages, in the cart, and as items are added to the cart. Coupons also incorporate the same progress trackers as complex offers do.

Countless Ways to Shop

Filter the catalogue based on:

    • Previously Purchased
    • On Sale
    • New
    • Organic
    • Gluten-free
    • Local
    • Any custom attribute




Shop based on Previously Purchased

The shopper can access their most frequently purchased products, add products from any previous order, and sort the catalogue based on the date of purchase.

eCommerce Management Dashboard

An easy-to-use dashboard to manage and track the entire grocery eCommerce experience.


  • Order Management
  • Item Management
  • Shopper Management
  • Content Management
  • Offer Management
  • Timeslot & Store Management
  • Reporting Dashboard
one-to-one omni-commerce solutions

1-to-1 eCircular & List

The Modern Digital Circular

The modern shopper expects an eCircular that feels current – and most importantly, one that works on mobile. No more hotspotted PDFs. Unata’s eCircular takes the best of print and supercharges it with the possibilities of digital: automatic 1-to-1 personalization, dynamically laid out for every device, searchable and interactive.

Integrating Print & Digital

With our flexible management tools, we allow you to add all of the character from your print circular into the digital experience, giving you the best of both worlds.

  • Flexible grid layout and variable tile sizes
  • Support for single SKU’s and multi-SKU promotions
  • Support for Customizable Sponsored Content
  • Support for Complex Promotions
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Full integration with eCommerce

1-to-1 Circular Management

Completely automated…

Our platform automatically determines the most relevant specials for each shopper, personalizing your eCircular for each shopper based on past purchases, so you don’t have to lift a finger – or hire an army of analysts.


…with tools to manually adjust

Through our dashboard, you can upload and target sponsored content and custom images, like holiday bundles, seasonal recipes, and more. You can also prioritize and target content within the eCircular based on store and shopper purchase history.


Path-to-Purchase Analytics

Our platform links each shopper’s digital actions with their subsequent behaviour at checkout. This allows you to track how your digital experience is influencing in-store spend, and uncover insights to optimize future campaigns.


In-Store Interactivity

By integrating with beacon technology, Unata’s platform enables you to augment your in-store experience:

  • Create interactive experiences at entrance and throughout store
  • Push personalized content to shoppers as they arrive and shop
  • Create interactive in-store signage and end-caps
  • Ensure your beacon strategy is 1-to-1 personalized – and doesn’t feel like spam
one-to-one omni-commerce solutions


A Loyalty Experience for the Modern Shopper

Digital Loyalty Cards, 1-to-1 Offers and eReceipts.


For retailers with OR without an existing loyalty program, we enable:

  • Digital loyalty cards
  • Sign-up to eLoyalty program via web or mobile app
  • eReceipts for in-store purchases
  • 1-to-1 Load-to-card offers (optional)
  • Real-time access to points balance (optional)
  • Integration with eCommerce & eCircular modules

Loyalty without the need for points or discounts

Drive Loyalty through a rich customer experience


Our platform enables an engaging digital experience, providing incentives for your shoppers to self-identify at checkout.
With features including eReceipts, 1-to-1 personalized circulars and push notifications, savings trackers and more, you will have a digital loyalty experience that meets the expectations of your modern shopper.

Points Program Integration

If you already have a points program, it can be integrated into Unata’s digital experience so that your shoppers can view their balance, their potential redemptions, earn points for digital actions, and more – all in real time.

1-to-1 Offers & Dashboard

Unata’s dashboard provides the ability to create any type of offer and target them based on:

  • Store
  • Demographic information
  • Products viewed
  • Purchase history
  • Frequency of visits
  • Inactivity
  • Digital behaviours


1-to-1 Offer Automation

Our platform allows you to provide every individual shopper their own tailored offers every week.


Based on a series of business rules defined by the retailer, our personalization technology will automatically determine and create the most relevant products and offers for each shopper.

Low maintenance for you and high value for your shoppers.

Rewards for Digital Behaviours

Our platform can extend your loyalty program to offer points and other rewards for different digital behaviours, including:

  • Downloading your app
  • Rating/Reviewing products
  • Rating/Reviewing a shopping trip
  • Interacting with digital signage
  • Redeeming offers
  • Taking surveys
  • And more


Our capabilities allow you to gamify your shopping experience, making it more enjoyable and rewarding, resulting in more loyal shoppers.