Our online grocery platform is an end-to-end, white-label solution

Our online grocery platform leverages machine learning technologies to automatically power 1-to-1 shopper experiences, ensuring that content is always relevant and dynamic, resulting in more engaged, loyal, and profitable shoppers.

1-to-1 through Machine Learning


All experiences are automatically 1-to-1 personalized

We apply cutting-edge machine learning across every single shopper touchpoint, enabling the most relevant consumer experience possible.


Our personalization engine solves the problem of affordably delivering each shopper a unique experience. Unata’s online grocery shopping platform includes a cloud-based, machine learning personalization engine, with cutting-edge algorithms that are specifically designed for the Grocery industry. It automatically determines the most relevant products and specials for each individual shopper based on their in-store and online purchase history.


Our 1-to-1 engine can be applied to every single digital touchpoint –  search, offers, circulars, organization of the catalogue, emails, homepages, recommended products, push notifications, shopping lists, and more.
Our 1-to-1 engine automatically and continuously analyzes each shopper’s ongoing purchase behaviour, re-calculating results to provide an increasingly relevant experience.

A Configurable Shopper Experience


Configurable Modules and Features

Your brand is unique. So is your strategy. And your digital experience should reflect both. That’s why our platform includes optional modules, configurable look and feel, and a configurable feature set to fit your strategy and reflect your unique branding, as well as showcase custom imagery across the digital experience.
When all modules are combined, our online grocery platform enables an integrated one-to-one omni-commerce experience.

Integrated 3rd Party Solutions


Integration with all
system types

Integration is in our DNA. Through Unata’s flexible Retailer API, our platform integrates seamlessly with all of your internal and 3rd party systems to enable a complete shopper experience, including:


  • ERP
  • CRM
  • TLOG
  • OMS & Fulfillment
  • PIM & DAM
  • Offer Execution
  • Coupons
  • Email & Push Notifications
  • Beacon Hardware
  • Payments
  • And more!


We’ll get you up and running in no time

No matter what your systems are, we’ve built a flexible API to simplify the integration process between our platform and your existing back-end systems.
Incorporating ESOA (Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture) or RESTful best practices, our API can consume JSON or XML output allowing you to choose one of three different methods for integration: Service calls via Integration Engine, Direct Service Calls, or Service calls to a custom broker.

Fulfilment Integration Options

Unata’s online grocery platform provides an out-of-the-box integration with HighJump’s Retail Advantage solution for in-store fulfillment. HighJump is a global provider of supply chain management software and trading partner network technology, supporting more than 14,000 shoppers in 77 countries. Their functionally rich and highly adaptable solutions efficiently manage shoppers’ warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, trading partner integration, delivery routes and retail stores.


If you already work with a prefered fulfilment company, Unata’s platform is built to integrate seamlessly with any system, making it easy for a retailer to get up and running on our platform as quickly as possible.

A Continuously Evolving Platform

Continuous Enhancement

Keeping you at the forefront of your industry

Our partners look to Unata to meet the continuously evolving needs of the modern shopper. Thus, a key part of our mission is to continuously evolve our platform in order to provide you with a best-in-class shopper experience, keeping you at the forefront of the grocery industry. Our online grocery platform is updated multiple times per year, with a significant portion of our team continuously working on new capabilities.

Committed to Continuous Innovation

We understand how critical it is for your digital experience to evolve as technology evolves, which is why we dedicate over 50% of our internal resources to continuous innovation and platform enhancements. Our ever-evolving online grocery platform ensures that our retail partners stay at the forefront of the industry, and never have to worry about how to support new technologies.

We define our future together

While digital might be our expertise, we cherish the experience and input from our retail partners — those who live and breathe the frontline every day.  

Twice a year, we hold a summit to work directly with our partners to decide what features and functionalities should be added to the platform.

As a Unata partner, you’ll participate with all other retail partners to help shape our product roadmap, giving you the competitive differentiation that you need.


  • What is 1-to-1 personalization?

    1-to-1 personalization is when a retailer communicates with each shopper on an individual basis across their entire shopping journey, providing a completely unique and relevant experience for each shopper


    Unata has built a cloud-based, machine learning personalization engine for retail, dubbed “Prophet”. It is used to automatically determine the most relevant products and specials for each individual shopper, enabling a wide variety of use cases – personalized search, offers, circulars, organization of the catalogue, emails, homepages, recommended products, push notifications, shopping lists, and more.

    This personalization engine scores every product in an inventory for every shopper based on the shopper’s purchase history (from the loyalty program). Using a variety of algorithms to compare shoppers to each other and to identify trends in the shopper’s purchase behaviour, the system can determine the relevance of all products in an inventory to each shopper, as well as the relationships between products. The engine is designed for continuously refinement, immediately leveraging new data from the shopper’s ongoing transactions, ensuring that shoppers are always presented with the most relevant content.

  • What makes Unata different from other eCommerce platforms (e.g. Instacart)?

    We could go on and on about this. But to keep it short, let’s focus on 3 main differentiators:

    1. Automated 1-to-1 Personalization. We apply cutting-edge machine learning across every single shopper touchpoint, ensuring that every aspect of the customer experience — search, offers, circulars, catalogue, emails, homepages, recommended products, and more — is tailored at a 1-to-1 level based on online and offline purchase histories. Our 1-to-1 engine automatically and continuously analyzes each shopper’s ongoing purchase behaviour, re-calculating results to provide an increasingly relevant experience.


    2. We are an end-to-end solution, from integration all the way up to the end customer experience. This reduces the number of vendors you require, and ensures that the customer experience works as intended by reducing the number of systems that need to talk to each other.


    3. We’re uniquely focused on the grocery vertical. We recognize that the way in which people shop for groceries is fundamentally different than any other retail category. Which is why we have built a solution for all 3 major areas of the digital grocery experience- eCom, eCircular, and eLoyalty, and we ensure that all 3 are interconnected based on a common user profile, delivering the integrated experience that your customer expects.

  • Is it possible to create an increase in spend & loyalty without the eCommerce solution?

    Yes, absolutely. We created an unprecedented increase in spend with our retail partner Longo’s, by connecting our machine learning capabilities to their existing loyalty program, “Thank You Rewards”. Our platform offered each of their shoppers:


    • Full access to Longo’s product catalogue & specials
    • A personalized eCircular and offers
    • A digital loyalty experience (scan from smart phone)
    • Loyalty points for digital behaviours
    • Shopping list creation tools from full inventory & prices


    Longo’s saw the following increases vs prior to adopting the platform


    • Mobile loyalty members spent 6% more
    • Digital shopping list creators spent 11.2% more per transaction
    • Personalized circular viewers spent 6.2% more per transaction
  • What is a typical implementation timeframe?

    Typical implementation time is 4-5 months for the initial phase. We often work with retailers over 3-4 phases, implementing many different aspects of their digital roadmap over the phased approach.

  • Does the eCommerce solution allow customers to select local store for pick-up?

    Yes, and the store can be changed at any point while maintaining the cart, which adjusts based on new pricing and product availability. Customers can also select their pick-up time from an available list of time slots, which will be held for them (while they complete their order) for a specific amount time determined by the retailer.

  • Can the eCommerce solution display the store-specific assortment and pricing once the store is selected?

    Yes, all specials, pricing, and availability shown according to store selected.