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The Challenge

The eGrocery market was growing in terms of competitive offering and consumer adoption, but Lowes Foods was not. Their previous platform offered a poor digital customer experience with no mobile support or personalization. They knew they needed to make some changes to not only stay relevant in their market, but to lead the charge. Lowes Foods set their mission to become the best grocery retailer in the world and partnered with Unata to do just that.

What We Created

Lowes Foods and Unata built a seamless, personalized experience that is intuitive and easy use across various devices, and allows every Lowes Foods guest to shop with them however they want to. In six months, Lowes Foods and Unata implemented a new eCommerce and eCircular experience across all 60 Lowes Foods-To-Go locations in the Mid-Atlantic region.


eCommerce Growth

36% same-store eCommerce growth in year 1 and 61% year 2 vs. previous platform.


Up to 10% of per store revenue from eCommerce

Page Views

9.6% more page views while session time is 12% faster (12 min vs. 15 min)


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