We’re on a mission to simplify and personalize the grocery shopping experience

In 2011, we had a vision of a more simplified and personalized online grocery shopping experience. In 2018, we joined forces with Instacart to provide the most comprehensive, innovative digital grocery solution on the market. Together, our industry leading digital capabilities span the entire grocery experience, allowing retailers to compete in today’s increasingly competitive industry. To learn more about our parent company, visit Instacart.com.

We’re uniquely focused on grocery

The way that people shop for groceries is fundamentally different than any other retail category – from frequency of shops and repeat items, to the high number of average items per basket, to the unique types of promotions and variations between stores. We’ve built a digital experience that accounts for these intricacies and ensures a best-in-class shopper experience specific to grocery.

Innovation is in our blood

A key part of our mission is to help our retail partners meet the needs of the modern shopper. We do this in three ways: (1) A large portion of our innovation roadmap is reserved for retailer requested features; (2) We host an annual retailer share group about how to succeed in digital; and (3) We’re true innovation partners, continuously integrating the newest technologies into our offering and providing no-cost upgrades to our partners.

We hire the best and brightest

Our team made up of bright individuals dedicated to building a robust, performant and successful platform. We value teamwork, trust, and collaboration with each other and with our retail partners. It’s why we are able to lead meaningful, disruptive change in the technology retail sector and create never-been-done-before retail solutions.